iBreeze Auto BPAP 25 ST

iBreeze Auto BPAP 25 ST

Automatic bipap (non-invasive ventilator)

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Automatic bipap
(non-invasive ventilator)

The device allows for high-quality bipap therapy. By analyzing the physical condition of patients in real time using the REG algorithm, the device automatically maintains optimal pressure and humidity. Suitable for home use.

  • AutoRamp mode helps the patient fall asleep. The device analyzes the patient’s behavior, maintains maximum comfort and low pressure until the moment when sleep comes. The device will then switch to the standard operating mode based on the preset settings.
  • Resvent 25 ST Bpap is equipped with a compensation system that takes into account leaks in the mask, contour and altitude above sea level
  • The E-COMP function helps new patients adapt to the target pressure in increments of 1 cm H2O per day, starting at 50% of the required therapeutic pressure prescribed as a result of the diagnosis
  • The user interface is intuitive, with a bright color display
  • The 25 ST Bpap intelligent humidifier provides continuous water level monitoring and maximum safety
  • Unique intelligent pressure relief (IPR) function makes it easier to breathe while sleeping, providing greater comfort
  • Connect the bipap to an iOS or Android smartphone or a Windows-based computer. Use the IMatrix app to monitor your treatment results and easily export the results to your doctor.