The Service Medical Company provides technical support and repair of any medical equipment. The company’s service department is equipped with professional measuring equipment and has the necessary licenses and certificates to ensure high-quality repairs.

Specialists of the service are trained and trained annually by manufacturers and are able to provide prompt and competent elimination of problems that may arise during the operation of high-precision medical equipment.

  • Commissioning of the equipment
  • Maintenance of medical equipment;
  • Provision of one-time repair services;
  • Long-term service contracts;
  • Organization of comprehensive maintenance of medical equipment;
  • Supply of spare parts, accessories, consumables for medical equipment and medical equipment;
  • Modernization and updating of software for medical equipment;
  • Instructing medical personnel on the operation of the equipment;
  • Metrological maintenance of measuring instruments;
  • Provision of replacement equipment for the duration of repairs.

A key condition for maintaining the operation of your medical equipment is high-quality and timely service. By signing a contract with us for the supply of equipment and its maintenance, you get an individual approach to solving all your problems related to the smooth operation of equipment.

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