Oxylog 2000

Portable Emergency Ventilator


Oxylog 2000 is a time-cycled, volume-constant emergency ventilator for patients with a tidal volume from 100 mL upwards.

For the ventilation modes:
  • Controlled ventilation IPPV, with variable TI : TE, can be set to approx. 60 or 100 vol.% O2;
  • Synchronized controlled ventilation SIPPV;
  • Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation SIMV;
  • Spontaneous breathing with positive airway pressure CPAP.
With monitoring:
  • Airway pressure Paw;
  • Expiratory minute volume MV.
With surveillance:
  • Airway pressure Paw;
  • Electric power supply
  • Gas supply.
Areas of use:
  • Mobile use for emergency medical care or primary care of emergency patients;
  • During transport in emergency rescue vehicles or by helicopter;
  • During transfer by road or air
  • When moving ventilated patients around the hospital;
  • In accident and emergency departments;
  • During secondary transport from one hospital to another.