Respironics V60

Respironics V60

Respironics V60 Philips ventilator


Non-invasive ventilator

  • New modes for the hospital;
  • Quick Setup;
  • For adults and children from 20 kg;
  • Synchronization of the device with the patient’s breathing;
  • High efficiency leak compensation system;
  • Large color touch screen.

The “gold standard” of non-invasive ventilation: a high level of safety and an interactive display that simplifies patient care at all stages of treatment.
The device combines the experience of Respironics in creating ventilator systems with Philips technologies aimed at improving the provision of medical care.

The device is used not only in medical institutions, but also in outpatient therapy, which includes respiratory support. The device can also be used to transport patients who need a non-invasive supportive ventilator due to the battery’s capabilities. The accelerated setup and synchronization of the device with the patient’s breathing makes the device even more mobile and convenient to use.