Logiq S8

Профессиональная ультразвуковая система


The sleek, lightweight LOGIQ S8 slips easily into tight spaces, yet is packed with powerful, established technologies that deliver the high quality imaging performance you demand. Imagine, exceptional next-generation imaging for patients of all sizes. A versatile, application-rich platform that easily handles both general and specialized imaging. And efficient image management tools that help provide access to vital information. All at a price that meets your budget.

  • S-Agile ArchitectureDynamically optimizes image acquisition for virtually every body type. Acquire remarkable images easily with minimal keystrokes, and achieve outstanding image uniformity;
  • E-Series TransducersHelp improve sensitivity, penetration, spatial resolution and image uniformity for greater clinical confidence;
  • High-Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)Helps increase contrast resolution and maintains tissue appearance;
  • CrossXBeamSpatial compounding tool that combines multiple images from different angles into a single real-time image to help achieve a clearer view;
  • Coded Harmonic ImagingHelps enhance near-field resolution for improved small parts imaging as well as far-field penetration compared with typical harmonic imaging;
  • LOGIQ ViewDisplays images over an extended length of anatomy, helping provide excellent visualization and more clinical information;
  • B-Flow ImagingUses non-Doppler technology to display true hemodynamics and enable direct visualization of blood flow without the limitations of Doppler.