Incubator for newborns


The Caleo® provides an ideal microenvironment for neonates by delivering advanced thermoregulation parameters. The Caleo® offers ease of use, intelligent accessibility, and the nurturing power of developmental care- bringing practical benefits to infants, caregivers and parents.

Advanced thermoregulation

Caleo® provides an ideal microenvironment for neonates by delivering the appropriate temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. It is designed to create a microclimate that minimizes the effect of disturbances and time out of its Thermo-Neutral Zone. Double air curtain acts as a security blanket for the neonate, providing a balanced climate even when access doors are open. Through Drager’s innovative ThermoMonitoring, you have the ability to continuously measure both central and peripheral body temperature – giving you the truest, most accurate early indicator of cold or heat stress, or temperature instability.

Reassuring ease of use

At the touch of a button, the mattress can be tilted from outside and the height of the bed can be adjusted from both sides, e.g. to allow seated care. The intuitive control panel makes sophisticated functions simple to use. With text messages to guide you, the easy-to-read display provides you with valuable Information. Caleo’s trend parameters (air, skin, humidity, oxygen and weight) are adjustable from three hours to seven days and the thermomonitoring display shows central and peripheral temperature trends.

System synergy

Caleo® works together with intelligently designed architectural systems, bed-side monitoring, and gentle neonatal ventilation – providing an integrated work environment that is ergonomically smart, intuitively simple, and perfectly accessible. The result is improved decision making, communication, time savings, and decreased risk of errors across the NICU and beyond.