Logiq P6

Диагностический ультразвуковой аппарат


The LOGIQ P6 provides a combination of performance, ergonomics and value to help meet a broad range of applications—including vascular, abdominal, small parts, OB/GYN and cardiac.

  • Advanced dual beamformer helps deliver excellent spatial and temporal resolution, while maintaining high frame rates;
  • High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) helps eliminate noise while maintaining true tissue architecture;
  • CrossXBeam imaging helps enhance tissue and border differentiation;
  • Auto Optimization (AO) helps increase contrast resolution;
  • Auto TGC helps provide homogenous brightness to the image and enhance clarity;
  • Phase Inversion Harmonics helps provide higher spatial resolution and deeper penetration;
  • 3D/4D imaging helps reveal anatomical details;
  • Elastography provides additional information for breast and MSK exams;
  • Auto IMT provides an efficient, reproducible method for carotid artery analysis;
  • Wide variety of transducers help ensure you have the tools you need across a broad range of applications.