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The origins of Leisegang go back to the end of the 19th century. In 1889, Georg Leisegang Senior founded what was originally a drug store. Soon afterwards, this was converted into a photographic retail store chain. Business flourished until World War 2 completely destroyed Berlin. Leisegang was bombed out during airstrikes. After the the war, reconstruction began and Leisegang was re-established by Fritz Leisegang. A repair shop for cameras was established as a sideline.This later developed into a specialized manufacturing business for photographic products. In 1948, Professor Bracht, the then chief gynaecologist of Berlin hospitals, turned up at Fritz Leisegang door, the managing director of Leisgang Photography and inquired whether the \"Leisegangs\" could build him a colposcope. After a short explanation of the medical requirements, recognizing that it was quite a fitting product for his small precision-mechanics and optical business which was associated with his photo company, Mr. Leisegang accepted. Soon after this, a single colposcope was built. After this first model, more devices were made, until every examination chair in the clinic had been fitted with a colposcope. The first colposcopes were built with the help of the optical business\'s existing prism glasses. Fritz Leisegang along with his two sons Peter, a precision engineer, and Georg, a qualified optician, looked for ways to improve the colposcope both mechanically and optically. In 1950 Leisegang achieved a further innovation: the first mono photo colposcope. With this innovation, the ability to take pictures and to document the examination results became a reality.