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ATES MEDICA Device is a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, specialized in Cardiology and Neurology fields. The right industrial skill has allowed to answer professionally to customer`s different demands. Neurology product range includes digital EEG system, VideoEEG, Brain Mapping, Evoked Potentials, Electromiograph and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. Cardiology product range includes PC and Smartphone rest ECG system, Stress Test system and ECG data management. The company was founded in Verona (ITALY) in 1986. At the beginning the company worked as a local dealer for the north-east Italian market, combining the development of new equipments for the medical market. In January 2000, after an important reorganization, ATES MEDICA Device, improved its engagement in the development of new equipments in Neurology and Cardiology fields, exploiting the big experience it gained in the previous years.