Электромеханическое ЛОР-кресло пациента


Electromechanical ENT chair

The patented ATMOS base-lift technology allows for a quick and easy positioning of the patient chair. Within a few minutes the chair can be automatically lifted and without any effort it can be easily moved.

Due to the infinitely variable inclination of the backrest to the horizontal, the ideal working position is available to you at all times. During the examination, even when the patient is in a sitting position the chair can be swivelled 90° to the left and to the right. The height of the seat can also be regulated via an electric foot switch.

The seat from the E2 can be swiveled separately by 90° to the right or the left. The electromotive seat height adjustment is infinitely variable from 58,5 cm up to 78,5 cm. After examination one press to the foot switch brings the chair back into normal position. The upper part of chair can be swivelled by 360° and arrested in any position with the stop levers mounted on both sides or automatically stops, respectively, at 90°.